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VPS With Big HDD Storage

Storage-optimized VPS to host all of your precious data.

Storage VPS Hosting Plans and Pricing

VPS 300 vCPU Cores RAM Traffic Storage Price
Packed with great features, such as one-click
soft ware installs, 24x7 support and spam filtering.
4 GB
32 TB
300 GB HDD
VPS 700 vCPU Cores RAM Traffic Storage Price
Packed with great features, such as one-click
soft ware installs, 24x7 support and spam filtering.
10 GB
32 TB
700 GB HDD
VPS 1400Most Popular vCPU Cores RAM Traffic Storage Price
Packed with great features, such as one-click
soft ware installs, 24x7 support and spam filtering.
20 GB
32 TB
1.4 TB HDD

Why Choose HostLegends
For Your VPS Hosting?

Focused on providing German Quality

Since founding we are committed to provide German quality in every aspect of our business.

Global Availability

We operate Data Centers in key Regions around the globe. All of them use the same platform and the same German quality standards.

Incredible Prices

Keeping prices low is deep in our DNA. We make sure to offer unbeatable prices everyday, not only during promotions.

First-class Support

Premium Support Experience for every customer is one our cornerstones. Multiple highly-trained support specialists are here to assist you 365 days a year.

Focus on Security

We take security very seriously. Not only we follow strict procedures and our team undergo extensive security training, but also we review the physical security of our Data Centers on regular basis.

Server Uptime

We guarantee almost 99.99% uptime with our server locations all around the world: USA, UK, Asia, Europe, etc.

Our VPS Hosting Features

Get to know what you’re going to get in a more technical fashion

Large HDD Storage

Large HDD storage space for all of your data. On top of that a fast SSD used for caching to make your VPS faster.

Web Interface

You can manage all your services and account via a web interface called the Customer Control Panel.


Full DNS management via the Control Panel. Purchase domains from us or bring your own.

Generous Traffic

Get 32 TB of outgoing and unlimited inbound data transfer with a connection speed between 100 Mbit/s and 1 Gbit/s.


Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Purchase additional IPs should you need any.

Backup Space

Choose the backup space add-on to archive your valuable data.

Quick Provisioning

Every day we provision hundreds of VPS with an average time of 20 minutes. Pay with credit card so that we can provision it right away.

DoS Protection

Our infrastructure is protected at the network level. You can rest assured that your instances will be resilient to the most popular attacks.


Award winning 365-day-a-year premium support.

Our Datacenters Are Located In 6 Regions
And 9 Locations

HostLegends operates Globally, get the global reach and the local presence you need.


Most Popular Use Cases

Storage-Heavy Computing

Storage VPS works great for applications that need to read/write a lot of data while performing computations and in the same time doesn’t have high I/O requirements.

Backups and Mirror for Disaster Recovery

These Virtual Private Servers will work great as backup solutions or instant recovery points.

Storing Data with Full Control

Storage VPS works best for those who don’t want to use block storage, but prefer to have their own instance to maintain control over the data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about us and about our services.

No, our Virtual Private Servers do not support nested virtualization. Should you need to run your own virtual machines, you can order one of our Dedicated Servers or our Virtual Dedicated Servers.

Yes, you can easily upgrade to a bigger VPS plan through your customer control panel. Should you wish to switch to a smaller/bigger plan, we recommend to purchase it through your Customer Control Panel, transfer all data from your existing VPS to it and then mark your VPS for cancellation. In case you need assistance with this process, kindly get in touch with our Customer Support Department.

You can select one of the models available on our website. Beyond that the hardware specifications of our VPS cannot be customized or changed. Should you need a custom configuration consider a Virtual Dedicated Server or Dedicated Server.

Yes, we offer cPanel and Plesk admin panels at extra cost. At HostLegends, we exclusively offer you to try Plesk one month for free with our VPS, Virtual Dedicated Servers and Dedicated Servers! Should it not suit your needs, simply cancel it before the end of the first month through your Customer Control Panel and there will be no fee charged for it!

You can order your preferred panel directly with your VPS or later by contacting our customer support via e-mail.